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Room with a view

Ok here I am with a detailed post all about today’s surgery.

This morning, after checking in at the hospital, they injected some radioactive dye into Righty. Speaking of which, I have confirmed my identity and said “yup, it’s the RIGHT breast” about 20 times today – just in case! Anyway… After the injection (and a nap, since they gave me MORE Xanax) I got visits from both surgeons, who drew graffiti all over me (yes, the RIGHT breast).

Then finally, after nearly two hours hanging out, I said goodbye to Tad and was escorted into the operating room. The anesthesiologists were waiting. They rubbed some stuff on my back, then poked me with a needle … and I don’t remember anything after that, not even lying down on the OR table!

I woke up in the recovery room, slightly annoyed to have a nice dream interrupted. I dozed on and off for about an hour and then really started waking up. I took some selfies and texted lots of people. I was having relatively little pain, except for my throat, from the tube they’d put down it.

After about 2 hours harassing the recovery room nurse with all my incessant questions and requests for ice chips (jk, she was very sweet and helpful), I got a fun ride down the hall and up a few elevators to my lovely hotel-I-mean-hospital room. It has a view!!! They used a cool system for moving you from the gurney to the bed: they filled an air mattress I was already on top of, and then basically slid me over, like the Luigi Casa Della Tires ride at California Adventure. Tad was here waiting for me and sat with me for a couple of hours.

ocean sunset view!

After a while I started perusing the room-service-I-mean-cafeteria menu. The nurse explained that I’m on a liquid diet until I pass gas!  LOL! So I had chocolate ice cream for dinner instead, yum!  Channeling my children, I suppose… Speaking of the kids, I then called them at Mackie’s. They are doing fine and were happy to hear from me. The hotel-staff-I-mean-nurses are making me plenty comfy. They took a few monitors off, but I’ll need the oxygen all night. I’m trying to get some throat lozenges since my throat is still sore, really my only issue. I have not tried the pain pump yet; nothing really hurts that much yet (boob-wise) so I figure I’ll test that out when I’m ready to go to sleep.

Mmm, chocolate ice cream for desert!

As for the Girls (or the Girl??), I can’t tell anything yet. It’s so covered with bandages and an entire tshirt-factory’s-worth of cotton balls that I can’t see a thing. Dr. FixIt arrives at 5am tomorrow. I assume the anesthesia will wear off over night, so I may be less chipper tomorrow. Good night!

cotton-ball selfie


2 thoughts on “Room with a view

    1. So glad things went well. Thanks for all the details. Hope Dr. Demo has good news. Or is it Dr. Cancer? Love the view. Great pictures. Thanks. See you in a few hours.


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