About Project Perky

wrong-bitch2My name is Erika.  This is my blog about my journey through breast cancer.

Before you continue reading, you should know that this blog is definitely TMI.  I’ll try to keep it generally PG-13, and limit any full-frontal-nudity; but otherwise, brace yourself for unabashed booby talk!!!

Why a blog?

Cancer – really, any health issue – seems like it should be a private thing.  But quite honestly, I’m not really a very private person.  I am, however, an impatient person.  I don’t care if everyone knows about what’s going on with my boobs; I just don’t want to have to tell the story 800 times!  And even worse — update it 800 times whenever the story changes, as it inevitably will.

To solve this problem, I considered going old-school and making an email list.  But that would suffer from having to maintain the list, with those who are newly added having missed the earlier information.  I thought about creating a private Facebook page, but I know there are lots of people in my life who are not on FB.  So, I’ve settled on a blog.

I’m planning on treating this blog as a memoir, creating posts as I go along.  To make it easier to know where things stand without having to read through my stream-of-consciousness posts, I’ll do my best to keep the Perk-O-Meter page updated with a concise summary of the latest info.

Update – I know I should probably do a proper update of this page, but to cut to the punchline for any new visitor, I am cancer-free and done with treatment at this point.