I Love Flowcharts

May 6, Friday

The day after meeting with Dr. Hugs, I received a call from the scheduling department perfunctorily informing me of the three appointments, as promised. I balked; “Don’t I get to pick times that work for me?”

The caller hesitated; “Do any of these times not work?”

“Well, no. They’re fine.” I guess I needed to get my control freak out.

And with that, on May 6, Tad accompanied me to my first appointment.  Dr. Zap*, my Radiation Oncologist, dove right on in to Cancer Talk #2.  He walked us through the Pathology Report again, this time a bit more in depth, accompanied by his scribbled flow-charted notes (see below) that I got to keep (in my “Project Perky” binder!). He explained the details regarding the radiation therapy — every day, five days a week, for six weeks!! And he explained what they’d learn at surgery, and when they’d be able to confirm if chemo was needed.

But the immediate next step was to get a breast MRI to confirm the plan.  My next appointment, with the Hematologist Oncologist, was scheduled for May 19.

2016-06-04 06.25.22
Dr. Zap’s Flowchart

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