Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend at home, with one exception: Paige was sick. She had come down with a cold and scratchy throat.  It was a good thing we were staying at home.

Not surprisingly, on Monday night, my throat was starting to get sore as well.  Assuming I had caught Paige’s cold, I gulped down some Nyquil and did my best to go back to sleep.

Tuesday morning when I awoke I knew I’d be staying home nursing my cold.  I had a low-grade fever, too (as had Paige).  Paige had been feeling much better, and although her throat was not perfect, she had no fever and she otherwise seemed fine.  So, she went to school.

I spent the day dialing in to a few meetings, and napping.  I felt pretty crappy.  At 4pm I mustered the energy to go to my hair appointment.  I apologized for coming in sick, and as we were chit chatting, my hairdresser mentioned that she had recently had strep throat.

Strep throat!!!  

I had completely forgotten about the existence of strep throat, and had not even considered it.  Let’s see: horribly painful throat; low fever; no other cold symptoms. Umm…

After my appointment, back in my car, I shined my iPhone flashlight down my throat.  There was the telltale redness, with swelling and white marks.  Seriously!!??  Like I need this now!!!

I drove home, grabbed Paige, and headed to urgent care.  Thankfully they were not very busy, and it did not take long. Diagnosis confirmed!  10 days of antibiotics for both of us.  Thanks to my amazing hairdresser – part hairdresser, part therapist, and now apparently part illness-diagnoser too!!

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