Friday, June 3, 2016

Today, during my photo shoot, I left my phone outside in the sun, where it overheated and turned itself off.  After the shoot was over and the photographer had left, my phone had cooled down, and I turned it on to discover that I’d missed THE phone call!!

BFF had called and left a voicemail.  I have a surgery date!!!

Surgery #1 will be on Monday, June 20!

This is good timing. It gives me a couple of weeks to get myself organized, but not long enough for me to become apprehensive.  Also, it is before my June 24 “deadline” to be fully recovered before the all-important trip to London (priorities!!!).

Shortly after retrieving the voicemail, I received a call from Nemesis.  She was either unaware of the stir I’d created after my previous phone call with her, or she was unfazed by it (probably the latter), as it did not come up.  She set me up with three back-to-back pre-op appointments for Dr. Demo, and gave me the name of the assisting surgeon (I’ll have three surgeons working on me, fancy!).

Later, BFF called me back and set up my pre-op with Dr. FixIt.  We also discussed again the leave of absence paperwork.  She remains my BFF and she’s definitely on my London postcard list!

I now have so many appointments set up that I’ve created an appointments page on this blog.  I’ll try to keep that up-to-date with the latest and greatest.

Of course I created a Gantt chart for the three surgeries (you expected nothing less).  This assumes the SHORTEST timeframe possible (i.e., where the estimate is 2-3 months, I used 2 months).

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