(I’m finally caught up to the present, so I’ll only type the date in if it’s a date other than the blog posting.)

Today I had my general surgery pre-op appointments today.  (I will have the plastic surgery pre-op next week.) There were three appointments.  The first two were nearly identical: I sat at a desk while a woman typed, checked my info (address, phone, etc.), and made me sign some paperwork. One was for the clinic, the other was for the hospital – which are about 100 yards apart from each other. Same questions, same paperwork … ok.

The third appointment was a brief visit with a pre-op nurse to review allergies, medications, etc.  (Fortunately or unfortunately, the penicillin from the strep throat will be long gone by then.)

In a nutshell: I need to check in for the surgery at around 9am on June 20. I can’t bring ANYTHING with me – remove all jewelry/piercings, hand off all clothing, my purse, any valuables, etc., to Tad … including my cell phone (aaah!!!). The procedure should take less than 3 hours. (I’m assuming I get my “stuff” back after that, but I did not think to ask that.) I will spend the night in the hospital and should be out by around 11am the next morning.

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