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Midnight posting 

Ok not quite at midnight, more like 3:15am, a beeper started going off that woke me: the IV saline bag was empty. The nurse came and we took care of that, as well as drains, potty time, medication, etc. Now I’m bored so I thought I’d harass you all with a late night blog post. 😉 I have not been super sleepy, probably from drugs + adrenaline. That said, I am proud of myself for sleeping under these conditions at all! There are wraps on my calves that pump up every few minutes to help with circulation, along with the mattress itself that randomly inflates here and there. These two devices give me the most trouble with sleep. Then there is the oxygyn tube; the IV; the fact that I can’t really sleep on my side (left side a lttle; right side not at all)… So considering all that I think I’m doing pretty ok with the sleeping thing!

The throat is still sore, and the pain block is wearing off (bound to happen soon). I have to do breathing exercises every few minutes (when awake). My lower body is still not functioning great due to the anesthesia – difficult to walk, and to pee, and hopefully things will move along soon and I’ll get an appetite!

But the wifi is serviceable and I’m rotating between reading two different Kindle books and catching up on this year’s crop of PCT blogs, living vicariously through them… I’ll try to go back to sleep here soon. 

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