Happy Birthday, Paige!

Today is Paige’s 8th birthday, and we had a party for her yesterday. When my surgery was first scheduled and I realized it would be a mere six days before Paige’s party, I was concerned with whether or not I’d be able to pull that off. So the weekend before my surgery, Tad & I pretty much took care of as much of the party prep as possible, with a checklist for everything that needed to be done the day of the party. My plan to get through the party was to delegate!

I also decided to invite far fewer people than usual. Both our kids have summer birthdays, and we have a big yard with a great pool, so whether they like it or not, they’re getting pool parties every year for their birthdays. And every year we invite practically everyone we know and end up with a raucous 50-person fête. But under the circumstances this year, we decided to keep it low-key and only invited Paige’s classmates.

Sunday rolled around and Paige was so excited. She got dressed as soon as she awoke.  She helped Grandma set up the napkins and utensils, and lay out the tablecloths, made “come on in” door signs, and lots of other tasks. She watched the clock; it was taking forever for 3 o’clock to come!

The party started very slowly. I’d invited half the usual number of guests; about half of them RSVP’d … and at first only about half the people who’d RSVP’d showed up! But Paige was a good sport about it.  Eventually a few latecomers rolled in, and one of her best friends got to stay late. A few families lingered into the evening and we all relaxed on the patio.

I felt pretty good, mostly staying off my feet and visiting with our guests. The weather was perfect. A big THANK YOU to my family, especially Grandma, for all the great help to pull off a birthday party six days after major surgery!!

Making a wish!

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Paige!

  1. You did a great job delegating and supervising. It was very helpfull that you are a consummate list maker. I’m sure everyone enjoyed themselves. I know I did.


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