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Happy Fourth of July!

When my surgery was originally scheduled, I was told that the typical recovery time was six weeks.  I think the expectation was that I’d spend those six weeks healing and resting.  Well, within a week of the surgery I actually felt pretty good; and it started to become clear that actually I’d be using these six weeks driving to a zillion doctor’s appointments, attending support group meetings and cancer education sessions, and wig and prosthesis shopping, both online and IRL!

Also, I’ve had lots of friends come to visit me, which has been wonderful.  My family (Mom, Dad, and brother Gus) came to San Diego the day after my surgery – they’d planned the trip before my surgery date was scheduled – and they helped with Paige’s party. Several of my work friends have come out to relax on the patio with me or take me out to lunch. And this past weekend, Aunt Elisabeth visited and helped us celebrate the Fourth of July!

When my parents returned home to the East Coast, they took Lane with them to “Camp Grandma & Grandpa,” so Elisabeth, Paige, and I left Tad at home and had a lovely girls’ day out.  Paige has been wanting to get her ears pierced, and we did that! We also got matching pedicures and did some wig shopping. We relaxed on the beach, and went to the neighbors for fireworks on the fourth. It was a lot of fun.

Aunt Elisabeth and Paige squeezing orange juice

Today I dropped Elisabeth off at the airport.  Afterwards, I attended a Young Survival Coalition support group meeting, which was very helpful and informative, and then swung by another wig store (I’m sure at some point I’ll have a whole “wig” posting). Physically I’m feeling fine, although I still have the stitches in, and the drain is still attached. Sensation has returned to my breast area and so now things feel more sore than anything.  The drain is awful, I can’t wait to have it removed – very itchy at the exit site, and generally an annoyance (not to mention gross).  Tomorrow I am seeing Dr. FixIt and hopefully he’ll be able to remove it – we’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. Sounds like you are really keeping busy. Hope you’re not forgetting that you’ve had Major surgery. Take it easy often! Good luck with the wig shopping.


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