Chemo Packing List

And I’m off, to chemo infusion cycle #2:

List software used is Ticktick

Today’s outfit is, as it says on the packing list, comfy long sweats (with cuffed ankles that I can pull up into capris when I’m outside), a short-sleeved tshirt with a v-neck, to access the port, with a vest and a comfy hat. Once I got settled I changed into the slipper socks they gave me for my surgery.  As I type this, they’ve finished one of the pre-meds (Pepcid, both for anti-nausea and to help prevent a reaction with the chemo drugs); I’m getting the Emend (anti-nausea) now; and there is one more pre-med to go, also anti-nausea to go before they start the poison.


3 thoughts on “Chemo Packing List

  1. Sheesh! Good thing you are a super organized person. And physically fit to carry all that. Hope yesterday went well.Good luck with rest of the week.


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