Bored of Boredom

After a few days of sleeping, I seem to be coming out of it a bit. But as predicted, round six was (is) a doozie. I know I’ve complained about this before but the mind-numbing boredom during the days immediately following chemo is the most depressing part. Not the hardest part – the actual feeling sick part takes the cake there – but just depressing. It’s so boring being bored!

This morning I woke up a bit early and was laying in bed thinking that I was feeling better. I decided to get up and try to do a teeny semblance of my normal morning routine – I’m really feeling the effects of not doing at least some basic stretching. So I hopped out of bed, brushed my teeth … and then went right back to bed. So much for that.

After some more napping I was actually able to get up and putter around today. I’m being good and taking things really easy, but I simply can’t do nothing. I just was not cut out for that.

This is a rambling post with no real point other than to say: Hello, I’m bored, this sucks, but I’m glad it’s almost over (or at least moving to the next phase).

Nothing to do but watch Prep & Landing…


4 thoughts on “Bored of Boredom

  1. I would watch Prep & Landing over and over and over again with you! It’s my FAVORITE Christmas show! In fact, I think my Christmas card for 2018 is going to be on that theme! Found some stamps recently that will help me with that.


  2. I remember waking up in the morning during my period of distraction in the hospital all fired up to do some work. I would turn on my now really ancient thrown away laptop, lay out all my work papers, rub my hands ready to go and then lie down for a minute and go back to sleep, then wake up to a movie channel that had 80 commercials during the movie. Fighting cancer is really tough and takes a lot out of you. However, there is just no question in my mind that you will win the fight.


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