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Ok I think this wins for the most random yet hilarious jpg I’ve found yet on Google Images… WTF? LOL!

I have not posted in a while because it’s been fairly uneventful here in cancerville; yet pretty hectic in Santaville. Making my list and checking it twice.

Usually at Christmastime I clean out the kids’ playroom (aka our family room) to make room for new toys, and to make it so that people can actually use the furniture in there. I did not do this last year and may not have done it the year before. So it took me three days to get through it all last week. Since the kids have outgrown most of the toys by now, I got rid of probably two-thirds of it all (and somehow managed to Tetris it all into my Honda Fit to bring to Goodwill since Tad had the minivan that day) and there has not been a peep of complaint about what’s missing – FTW! The one thing they’ve theoretically outgrown but I kept was the play kitchen. Paige literally will get down on her knees to play with that. It’s very cute. I would post a photo but the last time she did it she was naked and that just sounds like some creep’s fantasy photo.

In other news, I have come down with a cold. It was bound to happen; I’m glad it waited until all my infusions were done. At first I was not sure if it was a real cold since my nose is always running, but I’m sure now. Unfortunately I realized it late enough on Friday that I did not think to call my oncologist to find out what the heck I can take for it, so I’m suffering through with just Tylenol at the moment. No fever, so no worries. Lane has it too and put himself to bed last night at 6pm WITHOUT DINNER, so you know it’s serious.

As for the status of my chemo side effects, they are progressing as expected in these first few weeks post-infusion. The Big Three – indigestion, fatigue, and near-nausea – have mostly subsided. Indigestion was worse and definitely lasted a few extra days this round, but it’s mostly gone now. As for fatigue, I still need to rest often but at least I’m no longer narcoleptic.

On the down side I’ve had to take a break from my salty-spicy diet because of mouth sores, which are otherwise minor and unnoticeable … until I eat something that makes me notice. Tasteless food, my perpetually runny nose, and dry mouth/hands I guess are the Small Three – the most irritating lingering minor side effects that I’m really looking forward to saying sayonara to.

Oh I suppose one interesting cancer-related thing happened this past week – I went to a fancy hat shop to find me a Christmas hat. That’s worthy of a whole posting with photos so stay tuned for that.


4 thoughts on “Achoo.

  1. SOOOOOOO happy for you that you are on the tail end of all this and the awful symptoms! Hope they are COMPLETELY gone soon! This has been a long road for you…thanks for sharing it with us!

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  2. Your cold made it all the way to Rhode Island where I came down with some kind of laryngitis and minor cough that does not hurt, just restricts my ability to speak and is a little annoying. Maybe it was walking around Boston last Sunday night taking photos of the Zekim Memorial Bridge at 30 degrees, or last Wednesday sitting in a cold courtroom. Hope you feel better tomorrow when you can talk to someone to find out what you can take.


  3. Thanks for the update. Very happy that some of your annoying side effects are slowing down. Congratulations for purging the family room. It must have felt very good when you were finished.


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