The Bald And The Beautiful

New Black Fedora

I mentioned in my hat shopping post that none of the photos in that post were of hats I’d actually purchased, just ones I’d tried on for fun. Here is a fashion blog post with the first of the hats I DID buy that I wore out in public. I wore this outfit to a happy hour last weekend. You can tell that this is not a “cancer hat” because it reveals the absence of hair, if you look closely (it’s more obvious from the back). Earlier in my treatment I wore a straw fedora with a scarf, but as mentioned in the hat shopping post, at this point I’m waaaaay past caring.

Hat: Scala, from The Village Hat Shop | Earrings: BP.Nordstrom | Scarf: Unknown | Tuxedo Jacket*: Moda International | Blouse: Garnet Hill | Jeans: Old Navy | Shoes: Clarks


*Side note: The tuxedo jacket I’m wearing is part of a three-piece women’s tuxedo I’d bought in 2001. I most memorably wore it at the time with a red fedora and this same red scarf. I could not find a picture of the whole ensemble, but did find this one head shot. Ah, to have hair (and eyelashes) again …

Young Erika, in December 2001

5 thoughts on “New Black Fedora

  1. I’m pretty sure there is a copy of the hat picture Ted made on the sewing machine table in the small upstairs bedroom in Foster. Ask Doris. I agree with Doris; there is surprisingly little change in 15 years.


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