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Ok, really 2016?

This morning I was thinking of what I might post today since I have not posted anything in a while. Not much cancer stuff has happened in the last several days; staying busy with holiday stuff instead. I thought I’d just post a quick update, along the lines of:

  • No new hair growth yet, I think; I’ve been studying the stubble on my scalp to try to figure out if it’s new or old but it’s hard to tell.
  • I tried again to have Tad take a photo my swollen hand, but it really does not do it justice – I’ll keep trying. It’s worse than ever at this point; we went ice skating today and I fell on my right elbow. Fuck you, lymphedema; I’m going to keep living my life, which might sometimes include ice skating with my kids.
  • My port incision is taking its sweet time to heal, but it’s still better than having a port (which was better than having an IV stick every time – so it’s all relative).

Stuff like that.

But then Princess Leia died, and none of it matters anymore, at least not today. Wow, 2016, I’m soooo over you by now.


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