Is This Worth It?

If you read my lymphedema post, you may recall that the next step was to visit Ms. Lymph again to have her wrap my hand. We decided to wait to begin that treatment until after the holidays, and after I had my radiation therapy schedule. That’s all happened now, so on Tuesday, I had my second visit with her, this time including the wrapping. I visited her again today, and the plan will be for me to visit her twice a week for probably three weeks.

In my last post I speculated that this would be a pain in the ass. And LET ME TELL YOU, was I ever right about that!!! OMG I am not sure this is worth it:

2017-01-05 13.32.50.jpg
Have I mentioned that I’m right handed???

I bitched about it to Dr. Zap yesterday and he assured me that it is indeed worth it; my lymphedema may not be that bad, but it’s good to treat it and prevent it from getting worse, yadda yadda.

I will say that at today’s appointment, Ms. Lymph unwrapped my hand from Tuesday’s visit and the swelling was nearly gone. To the naked eye, except for one spot by my thumb’s lower knuckle, it looked normal. She took all her measurements and although it was not quite as small as my left hand, it was pretty close and much improved. So at least I know the treatment is working.

The other irritation about this whole thing is that the appointment itself takes two hours. First there is the unwrapping and measuring, followed by her gently massaging my arm and shoulder (which nearly put me to sleep), followed by 45 minutes on the pump machine, then time to re-wrap my arm. And this is twice a week. All I can say is thank goodness it’s quiet at work right now (at least from this perspective)!

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