Why I Blog

I started this blog back in June primarily as a cathartic exercise, a place to articulate as best I can how I’m feeling about all of this cancer shit. You know, get it off my CHEST (ha ha haaa!). Writing is so helpful for working through things; the Scripps Clinic, where I’m receiving my treatment, even has a writing program to encourage cancer patients to do exactly this.

I also started the blog as a record of what I’m going through. It’s already come in handy for me to revisit what happened when, and how I felt about things at the time. And finally, of course, this blog helps me to keep my friends and family informed efficiently and with the latest & greatest information as I journey down this path.

Without going into too much off-the-topic-of-cancer detail, this has been an unspeakably difficult week for my family. For the past few days I have been considering how to move forward with my blog amidst tragedy. I apologize for my vagueness here but I’m reluctant to be any more specific in such a public forum; those of you who know me personally please reach out and I can fill you in.

I have come to the conclusion that for better or worse, my cancer journey must continue. My reasons for creating this blog remain. And so, I will blog on.


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