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Making Friends

One of the articles I encountered in my lymphedema surgery Googling was about a woman who traveled from San Diego to Orlando to have microsurgery done for her lymphedema. The article specifically mentioned that she initially learned of the technique through Facebook, so I thought me stalking messaging her on FB would be copacetic. (I also discovered via LinkedIn that we have a mutual friend; small world!) She responded, and a few days ago we had a great phone conversation about all this.

She had a different type of cancer than I did, in a different location, with more severe lymphedema symptoms as a result. She started her research several years ago, and had her surgery done a little while ago. Her outcome was beneficial but not curative; as time has gone on, there are other/newer procedures available that she may be able to explore.

We are now in the midst of exchanging notes on doctors we’ve found, including ones she’s already traveled to see, and various research articles on the positive results surgeons around the country are achieving. This article in particular that she shared with me is optimistic, quoting another doc in Chicago whom I’d also found, and who appears to be a leader in the field. We both bemoaned the dearth of local resources, and we both used the same therapist initially. She is several years ahead of me here, and was able to share with me who she is currently working with for her ongoing therapy.

I guess social media has its usefulness.

2 thoughts on “Making Friends

  1. Wow, that is really cool. So glad you found her. It is said there is a six degree of separation between everyone in the US. (In RI it’s 1.5) Seems like you and your new friend it’s only one degree. Good luck with this endeavor.


  2. I also think its cool. Unfortunately, however, once you get rid of the cancer you are left with the side or aftereffects of the chemo and/or the radiation (weakened heart valve, lymphedema. diabetes, etc.). Beats looking up at the roots of daisies.


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