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Going Hatless

2017-03-17 14.04.56
I keep meaning to have Tad take a nice photo with a proper camera but I keep forgetting. So here’s a selfie from today.

My hair has been growing back nicely, but it’s still really short, and I’ve gotten used to wearing a hat – it feels chilly without it. I don’t know how bald guys do it. I figured I’d be wearing my hats for another few weeks – both to give my hair more time to grow in, and also to let it get a bit warmer out.

But this past Monday, on a whim, I decided to skip the hat. We had a warm spell this week, and it was sunny, and I was just tired of them that day. I did not really think it through. I quickly realized that by not wearing a hat on Monday, that meant that I’d crossed the chasm into the realm of “no longer wearing hats.” Lots of people commented, and it was lovely – and going back and forth (hats, no hats) just seems weird now.

So here I am! A girl with a crew cut!

5 thoughts on “Going Hatless

  1. I am impressed that your hair coloring is following your mother’s side of the family and not my mother’s side where we all went gray in our 20’s and 30’s. So, another way to say it is you look great! Love, Dad


  2. Love it! Thinking of you and hope all is better with the family issue? I don’t want to pry but was super worried. You look beautiful. We are wishing you well!


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