Schedule Change – Tomorrow’s the Day!

After my April follow-up visit with Dr. FixIt, my reconstructive surgery was scheduled for September 11. Turns out that date was just as inauspicious as it seems, and my surgery has been pulled in to TOMORROW! And I’m finally getting around to blogging about it. Here is what happened.

About two weeks after that April visit, I was getting dressed in the morning and noticed that I looked … lopsided. I don’t know if it happened suddenly, or if it just took a few days for me to notice it, but the breast expander had definitely deflated.

2017-07-04 09.48.38
I took this photo in such a way that the asymmetry would be very obvious. I don’t think it’s this obvious all the time.

So I called Dr. FixIt’s office to ask if I should come in again. I didn’t really care that I looked lopsided – I figured no one would notice it unless they stared at my chest; and even if people did notice it I don’t really give a shit. Instead, I was concerned that the skin would lose its stretch, since the expander had clearly failed and was not doing its job.

On June 22 I went in to his office. The nurse set me up for an expander fill – which did not make sense, but I did not argue. Dr. FixIt came in, took one look at me, and said that my breast expander had failed – exactly as I’d thought.

“When is your surgery?” he asked.

“September. You’d said at least six months after radiation, which ended in early February,” I said.

“I don’t want to wait that long. Let’s try to do it in July which is five months, which should be fine.”

So, the next week, I worked with my BFF (Dr. FixIt’s super awesome scheduler) to find a time slot on Dr. FixIt’s calendar on such short notice. At first she wanted to do July 3, which would have only given me a few days to get prepared! In the end, July 10 was scheduled – tomorrow!

At first I was a bit irritated – I’d blocked off the entire months of September and October for this – but it actually works out better for my schedule in the long run. At this point I’m  a little nervous (not thrilled about having surgery on both sides this time), but I’m mostly excited to get this over with!

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