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The Incredible Shrinking Woman!

On Tuesday I had my first post-op visit with Dr. FixIt’s nurse, where I got to see under all the Teddy bear stuffing. For each of these surgeries, the thought of what things will look like has always been thankfully worse than what things actually look like, and this was no exception. The flood of oozing that was plaguing me was coming from two or three teeeny weeny innocuous-looking puncture wounds on my lower abdomen. I will spare you a detailed description (in fact I’ll spare myself the Googling to find you a detailed description), but with one small hole they can apparently access a lot of fat to remove.

Besides the little holes here and there, there was some bruising, swelling, and unevenness; but generally things around my abdomen actually looked pretty good. Dr. FixIt apparently used some artistic license: removing fat from here, injecting it there – he even added a squirt on top of my port scar to improve the look of that, which was very nice of him. (Like I said: spackle!)

I can already see the results of the fat removal. Despite the swelling, my tummy is definitely flatter. The nurse explained that as the swelling goes down I will shrink even more. While I would definitely NOT RECOMMEND my particular path to perky boobs and a flatter stomach, hey, I’ll take what I can get!!!

The nurse cleaned me up, threw away the Teddy bear stuffing, and re-wrapped me in my new Victorian Velcro corset. Spanx, you’ve got nothing on this thing, I am TUCKED IN! (And “Victorian Velcro” is the name of my new band…).

Hahahhaaaa!!! The first hit for “nipple bolster” on Google Images was this hairy man-nipple!!! Sorry for making you gag on your coffee this morning but that’s just too funny. My bolster looks exactly like the one above; fortunately, my boob looks NOTHING like the one above. 🙂 🙂

We then moved on to the new nipple. The breast itself looks great – the fat transfer makes it look more natural, and some other tweaks he did look good. The nipple itself is currently under a bulky yellow bandage they are calling a bolster. Sort of like a splint for a nipple. It will not be removed until my next post-op. The goal is to do whatever we can to ensure that the transferred fat, grafted skin, and origami’d nipple survive in their new locations, especially given the limited blood flow coming from the radiated breast skin. That poor boob has been through so much. It’s funny, at the beginning of all this I was disappointed to learn that Righty would lose all sensation; at this point, I am fucking relieved!!!

Over the next several days I can take a bath from the abdomen down, but I have to keep the breastal area dry, so it’s a sponge-bath for me up top. I’ll keep wearing my fancy new corset at least until my next post-op. As for the discomfort, as I write this (on Thursday), my midsection is still sore and sometimes itchy as hell, but really not too bad. The oozing has stopped, and I went back to work yesterday. The biggest challenge there was finding pants that would be loose enough over this damn corset. Drawstrings to the rescue!

One thought on “The Incredible Shrinking Woman!

  1. Cool post. You are funny! When I scrolled down I saw the picture before I read the text. I couldn’t imagine what hairy part of your body Dr. Fixit accessed. Glad he even fixed the port scar. Also very glad things are almost over.

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