And then, overnight, like nothing happened, I was fine! I woke up early on Wednesday morning (Day 9) feeling totally normal. I had decided the day before to go to my early morning yoga class, which I have not been to since before London. I got up on time and went to class. During class I was able to do all the poses like normal, without issues or modification. When I got in the car to head back home again, I started to really realize just how normal I felt. Normal felt so good that I almost felt manic – I FEEL NORMAL!  WHAT AMAZING THINGS CAN I GET DONE TODAY???

I should caveat this by saying GI issues were still present, but were waning. The “normal” feeling had more to do with my overall energy level and lack of head fogginess that I’d been feeling up until then.  On Tuesday, at my oncology follow-up appointment, the doctor made some suggestions for ways to help prevent these GI issues from starting up in the first place next time, so I’ll try them.  But it was getting better, and it seems that by today even these issues are back to (say it with me): NORMAL.

So if Cycle 1 is supposedly a pretty good predictor of how all my chemo cycles will be, here is how it shaped out:

My normal curve is not a normal curve… (sorry, couldn’t help it…)


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