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Bye bye blue!

One of my many new hats.

I shaved it tonight!!!  I couldn’t take it anymore!


Last Saturday night – actually in the wee hours of Sunday morning – my hair announced its departure. It literally woke me up, feeling tingly and strange, and I just knew that was it. I had expected my hair would shed gradually; but when I got up on Sunday morning, as I ran my hand over my head, hair just came out.  I have very thick hair, and I was not quite ready to shave it off on Sunday, so I decided to wait until the following weekend, figuring my hair is thick enough to last that long.

The kids kept saying, “Mom, you look ugly!”  Gee, thanks.

By Tuesday I knew I would not make it.  Every day the shedding became more rapid. It was getting everywhere and was starting to drive me nuts. By Wednesday morning, when I combed it (I was only allowing myself to comb it once a day), it came out in sheets.  By today (Thursday) it was starting to come out in clumps. It was gross; it tickled my neck; it was all over my clothes.  At least it was bright blue, which made it easier to see when it dropped into my food…

Ok, NOW I look like a cancer patient.

Tonight I finally had enough.  First, I tied off a portion and cut a chunk of it off as a keepsake – after all, I may never have blue hair again!  Next, we moved outside with Tad’s electric clippers.  I had promised to let the kids do it, so Tad carved a trench through the middle of my head by way of demonstration, and then handed the clippers over to them.  They worked on it for a while, then Tad finished the job.

My bald head is patchy with stubble.  The short hairs will keep falling out and I’m sure will also get everywhere, but hopefully not as messy as the much longer blue strands that are all over the house.  August 2016 will forever be the Month of the Blue Hair.


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