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The Bald And The Beautiful

There is an internet phenomenon that most of you, dear readers, are probably not aware of: that is, the fashion blog. This is really a thing, right up there along with shopping haul videos. I discovered them a few years ago when I was looking for a ideas for a particular outfit I needed to put together – I don’t recall the details anymore. Here are some examples.  The blogs usually showcase photos of a woman wearing one particular outfit. Often there will be many photos of her in this outfit from various angles and poses, with a jacket, hat, scarf, etc., or without, walking away, walking toward – you get the idea. Usually the photos are accompanied by links to where you can buy the clothes; for the more successful blogs, my understanding is that often the blogger is given the clothes to review by various stores and labels.

Most often the women is a 20-something beautiful and thin model wannabe, but not always – I’ve found fashion blogs focusing on the 50+ demographic; on not-so-thin women; geared toward workplaces with conservative dress codes (e.g., NYC law firms); moms who want to stay fashionable; and the list goes on and on. It’s the wonder of the Internet; there’s a niche for everyone.

I have decided there is one sub-genre missing: chemo fashion! When I was first looking for hat & scarf ideas, of course I went straight to Pinterest, and that turned up some links and examples, but most of the options seemed kind of boring, and didn’t often pair with outfits.  I did get some inspiration from Samantha Jones (I have more to say about Samantha; stay tuned), but in general my Google searches turned up thin.  Most cancer blogs are memoir blogs like mine, not a fashion blogs. Some have promising link titles, like “Cancer Be Glammed,” but were not what I hoped for when I clicked.  Some of the few interesting sites I found:

I’ve decided to cajole Tad into photographing my various outfits and presenting them here in my blog, in a new category I’m calling, “The Bald and the Beautiful.”  To have the most fun with it (which is what this is all about, right??) I’ll try to put sourcing info, but unlike the fancy “normal” fashion blogs, I’m sure it’ll mostly be “Target,” or “this cool Etsy shop,” and not “Hermes” or “Burberry.”

So here goes my first attempt. I wore this outfit to have lunch with my friend Eric on Labor Day. Tad and I will work on figuring out the best way to do this kind of photography. Sierra’s already figured out her role as official photo bomber.

I don’t think any of these pics really showed off the hat, which is kind of the whole point here; so just before posting this I took some post-facto selfies on my own. Notice the bow detail – I’m not a bow person but I think it does add a little something to this hat (and it’s detachable).

 And now for the “fashion blog” part:

Hat: Ball cap with detachable bow, from Headcovers Unlimited | Super fab huge sunglasses: On sale for $12 at BP. by Nordstrom | Earrings: No idea, probably Target | Blouse: Sleeveless split-neck blouse by Gibson at Nordstrom (bought on sale for $25) | Shorts: Mossimo by Target | Shoes: SoftWalk Rocklin’ at Zappos | Pale squishy legs: from being cooped up in the house too much!

Thank you for that diversion! I will now go back to my nap.  Ta ta!

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