Round Two Wrap-Up

Well “wrap-up” might be premature, but it feels that way already! Overall I’ve been less fatigued this time around. Still had some pretty darn good naps around Days 3 & 4, but not to the extent of the first time. Now as I enter Week 2 of Cycle 2, I’m already feeling pretty normal – last time it took a few more days into Week 2 to feel normal. I speculated earlier that it may be due to not being jet lagged as I was during Cycle 1, but it feels like there is more to it than that. Whatever the reason, I’ll take it!

Beyond the fatigue, the GI issues have also been a wee bit better than last time. I think I did an ok job of “staying ahead of it” and will keep fine-tuning my chemo week diet until … well, until it doesn’t matter anymore.

One difference in the other direction was that I didn’t manage to get in my morning “workout” as regularly. During Cycle 1 I was really good about doing a 30 minute walk followed by a 30 minute yoga session, even on my worst days. That was always the best I felt all day.  For some reason I stopped doing it, and it took me a moment to figure out why: because school has started! I just had not really thought about it. Last week, since I myself was not rushing to get ready for work, I’d actually been enjoying getting the kids up and out the door (not normally a pleasant task).  And I particularly was enjoying the little social buzz of chatting with the moms and dads on the school yard. But it meant that I didn’t have an hour to kill before all that happened, which was not a problem during cycle 1.

Before my next chemo round I’ll figure out a solution to this. I can’t do my exercise after drop-off, at least not during Week 1 of the cycle, because I won’t have the energy for that – last week I crashed back in bed once I got home (although this is the most likely solution for this week). And I can’t get up earlier because setting an alarm and getting less sleep makes no sense – not to mention it’s pretty dark at 5:30am. Most likely I’ll just do the walk and save the yoga for later. But I did do both this morning, and it felt great.

My outdoor yoga platform in the morning sun


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