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I Love You Samantha Jones

When I found out I’d need chemo and would lose my hair, I started poking around on Pinterest and other sites to get ideas for hats and wigs and other ways to fun it up a bit.  In the back of my mind I recalled that one of the characters on that show from 10 years ago, Sex and the City, got breast cancer. I loved that show when it was originally out because of the dialog and stories, but it was fun to watch for the fashion, too, even if it was foreign to my flip-flopped, laid-back, San Diego closet (and wallet). I did remember, though, that when Samantha went through cancer, once she got past the “holy shit I have cancer” part, it was again all about the fashion, this time with wigs and hats.

A couple of weeks ago, Tad figured out that this all happened during the last half of the last season (season 6) of SATC, and queued it up for me on Netflix.  I enjoyed watching how they handled the topic. They did not go into much medical detail (which was good), and the little they did seemed plausible.  Samantha found the cancer because she’d decided to get a boob job, and the plastic surgeon found the lump. She got a lumpectomy but was told she’d need chemo anyway. I did notice that once chemo started for her, they really only focused on the hair; she never seemed to drink fewer cosmos, or have any fatigue or nausea. I forgive them this since it was, after all, a comedy; dwelling on that stuff would have made for a pretty boring show.

Samantha mostly focused on wigs rather than hats, but did don a few here and there. I’m not posting any still images of the various styles she’s pulled off since they are hard to find – you’ll have to re-watch it yourself!  Here are some clips that focus less on the fashion and more on the cancer.  I’ve already posted her Lil’ Kim “coming out” scene on an earlier post.  Enjoy!  (The last clip is the one most remembered by fans and cancer survivors.)



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