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Being bald is annoying.  At least, being bald due to cancer is annoying. First, there are the obvious issues with always needing to wear a hat, scarf, or wig. Sure, I’m having as much fun with this as I can – it’s like playing dress-up – but logistically, it’s annoying. Especially given that I live in Southern California and fall will not be here for a while yet (September is often our hottest month). At home with just the family they’ve gotten pretty used to me walking around bald-headed. I try to keep a Buff (I had several even before chemo – love them) nearby to toss on my head if ever the door bell rings, but even that thin fabric can get hot.

alien-peace.jpgOf course I am not super concerned about people seeing me bald – if you’ve figured out anything from my blog by now you probably have noticed I have a slight overdose of “don’t-give-a-shit” running through my life. But at the same time, holy crap, I look weird bald.  Like, creepy alien weird. My already-big eyes look even bigger, and my head looks huge. Fortunately, from the front, the shape is not too bad – I do have a big dent near the back top of my head, but you can only see that from the back (and if you’re taller than me).

At least it has finally stopped looking patchy.  Before we shaved it, it was coming out in sheets; but then it was very clumpy for a while. It definitely added to the overall “cancer patient” look that I seem to be going for here. Every morning in the shower I scrubbed at it with a brush to get a little more off. By now -finally – only a few patches on the back of my head remain.

Finally, there is the stubble factor; my five o’clock shadow. Chemo is every three weeks, which is more than enough time for stubbly hair to start growing back in between infusions. This turns my head into Velcro. It’s not fun to sleep on Velcro. A sleep cap works pretty well, but it’s not perfect. If it really bothered me, I suppose I could shave it, but I’m not going to  – first of all, I’m just whining; it’s not that bad and not worth the effort. Also, the skin is a bit sensitive, and I think that would just make it worse.  And the stubble would just grow back stubblier.

Ok that’s my rant for the day. Just another day in the life…

7 thoughts on “Stubble

  1. That dent in the back of your head is probably from one of those times that Andrea and I dropped you when we were playing with you as our ‘dolly’ oh so many years ago! All this time I thought I was ‘safe’ and you’d never know…….who knew you’d get cancer and find the dent?!?!?!


    1. If anyone dropped Erika it was you! Notice how she always brings me into something stupid “we” must have done? Erika, I love your blog and you’re amazing! Please know how much I think of you. You rock that bald head. There’s no way you could not be beautiful! Just ask Tad and your kids!!!! We are working on a prize for you from our NYC trip that you helped to make possible! Thank you!!

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  2. Daddy says, “I didn’t do it!!” He also says you still look good. No matter how many dents you have in your head, you’re still beautiful to him.

    I agree 🙂


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