The Lion Sneezed Tonight

I have not blogged lately because it’s been busy; I’m in Week 3 of Chemo #2, when life is pretty normal, and so life goes on as it does. One of the most enjoyable things we did this past week was to go see The Lion King at Broadway San Diego. The four of us went on Thursday night along with friends, and we all had lots of fun. I know it’s had a long run in various places, but we had not seen it before. It’s all about the sets and the costumes, most of which were part costume, part puppet, and it was all very impressive.  The kids’ school is going to be performing The Lion King next spring, so it was great to have the opportunity to see it.

As mentioned, I’m in Week 3 right now, and as happened during Week 3 the last time around, my immune system seems to be in overdrive.  I have a continuously runny nose like a pre-schooler, along with watery eyes and more sneezing than usual.  So far that’s it, though; no actual cold (knock on wood).

Well, speaking of pre-schoolers, my immune system was put to the test when we went to The Lion King. Despite signs in the lobby saying, “Recommended for ages 6 and up,” there was a four-ish-year-old boy seated immediately behind us. To give him credit, he was utterly enthralled, all the way until the end.  Clearly The Lion King movie is played nightly in his home.  Every time a curtain dropped, he cheered louder than everyone else. He annoyed entertained us for the whole two hours by narrating in the form of a question: “Oh, is he dead? Why did he die?”; “Is that a hyena?”; “Oh no, is that Scar?”  When the curtain dropped after the very first opening scene, ten minutes into the show, he asked, “Is it over?”

lion-sneezingIn addition to regaling us with his in-depth knowledge of the production, he also clearly had a nasty cold.  When he was not narrating, he was coughing, sneezing, and otherwise misting us with a fine spittle spray.  At intermission, Tad dubbed him “Tuberculosis Boy.”  It was hard to be too irritated with the whole thing though; he was just so into the show – clearly a future theater geek.

As of today, my nose continues to run, but so far so good – no full-blown cold has consumed me.  We’ll see if I make it through the weekend. If not, I’m sure I’ll have Tuberculosis Boy to thank.

One thought on “The Lion Sneezed Tonight

  1. Shame on Tuberculosis Boy. Hope you’ve dodged that bullet. Especially since a cold is the last thing you need for your appointment on Tuesday.


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