Prepping for Round 3

Hanging on the door to my office

Tomorrow I’ll start chemo round 3 out of 6.  But I’m not considering that the halfway point; infusion day is the start of the chemo cycle. When I’m feeling normal again – hopefully again about midway through the second week – THEN I’ll consider myself halfway done!

I was able to stick to my work plan for this past chemo round: I took week 1 off, then worked from home for week 2, then went in to the office for week 3 plus Monday (today), the day before the next round.  I’m hoping to do that again for this upcoming chemo round, but as always am remaining flexible in case I feel worse than expected. This past cycle, during week 2, I felt so fine that I often had to remind myself to take it easy since I would forget! Although the bald head was a good reminder.

One silver lining is that during week 3 I’ve been meeting with lots of friends for breakfasts and lunches. I have to squeeze it all in to that one week, so I’m a social butterfly for that week!

Will be hanging on the door to my office eventually


2 thoughts on “Prepping for Round 3

  1. Hello, Erika! You are amazing at weathering this challenge! I wanted to let you know that the email I have for you/Paige from last year no longer goes through and I want to be able to send you e-mail from us MHA Room Parents to keep you posted about upcoming events. Would you please send me the best address for you when you have a chance? Thank you!


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