How to Nap Properly

You could come home in the late morning, tired, kick your shoes off, and just plop yourself onto your bed. Maybe take your pants off, especially if it’s got a snap or a button. This works ok. Usually you land in a position that felt ok at the time, but it’s not normally how you sleep. You doze, fitfully, but eventually you start to toss.  Maybe your clothes are making you sweaty. Or maybe they pull on you whenever you move. Even worse: maybe it’s noisy in the house, or outside; or you did not draw the shades and it’s bright out.

'It's hard to make you blog interesting when you sleep most of the day.'

But there is a much better way.  Instead, you could come home, knowing you are wiped out, and decide to take a proper nap. Take all your clothes off and put on PJs or whatever you sleep the most comfortably in.  Close the door. Make sure the children are out of the house, or at least are zoned out on their brain-sucking devices (these devices exist for exactly this reason).  Lay down in your most comfortable sleep position with just a thin sheet – it’s the middle of the day and it’s 90 degrees out (of course it is); you don’t need a sleep pouf even though it feels cozy at first.  Read a book for a few minutes to get your heart rate down.  Then, finally, make it dark, and make it quiet – drapes, eye shades, ear plugs, whatever works.  And sleeeeep….

That’s the way to take an epic nap. Eventually your bladder will wake you up, whether you like it or not; but by then you’ll feel soooo much better, and maybe even a little hungry.

One thought on “How to Nap Properly

  1. Great blog! Turning off the phone and making sure all pets are out of the bedroom help, too. After all nap time is the new “happy hour”. Enjoy yours.


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