I am officially calling it: I’M HALFWAY DONE! Woo hoo! Time for the half time show – hm, there’s a nipple joke in there somewhere…

I was starting to feel much better by Tuesday, and actually I think yesterday was pretty good too. Certainly by today, the fatigue is gone, and only a few minor GI and indigestion issues remain.  And that’s good enough for me … Three down, three to go!

Overall round three was similar to round one as I mentioned in my previous post. I think it was a little harder in some ways (particularly the indigestion), but not significantly, so hopefully things stay like that for the remaining rounds. As with the previous two rounds, I took chemo week off, am working from home this week, and expect to be back in the office next week.

I have started to think about how to celebrate when this is truly all over, sometime in mid-December when I’m fully recovered from my final round. I am normally a total Scrooge – I tend to dread the holidays – but for once I’m looking forward to them this year since by then all this bullshit will be OVER!  To blatantly co-opt Elisabeth, there are only 79 days until Christmas!



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