Ugh, halfway…

chemo-sucksThe problem with being halfway done is … ugh, I’m only halfway done. Round four is coming up on Tuesday, and I can’t believe I have to do this fucking thing three more times. Ugh. I’ve already started taking the pre-meds, yay. I have heard about people going through chemo who start to have anticipatory nausea leading up to chemo day. I’m not having that problem (thank goodness) but there’s definitely an overall feeling of dread.

yay-chemoI can also detect that phenomenon where you remember the good things better than the bad things (e.g., why people ever get pregnant a second time). I feel mostly fine now – just a few lingering symptoms – and it’s always hard to remember exactly how I felt last time. I suppose this is a good thing; maybe it lessens my dread.

2 thoughts on “Ugh, halfway…

  1. Women get pregnant again because the end result is worth it so much more than the part that sucks. It’ll be the same with your chemo. I know you can do this. You ARE doing it extremely well!!


  2. Erika, I went thru this alone so if I can do it, so can you, And you are not alone-a big plus. I ate lightly to avoid nausea. I learned I needed a mastectomy on a Friday and on Tue. I had the operation. That was in 1995!! I had 6 wks chemo and at end felt tired for a while. My dau, in law also went thru reconstruction as well. It took her about 6 mos to feel normal. You are such an exceptional gal that you can get thru this with flying colors. It will take less time than a full term pregnancy and the end result is well worth it. Listen to your mama!!! Auntie N



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