Here I Go Again

Today was my fourth round of chemo. Although I’m having mixed emotions about being halfway (yay, halfway! ugh, only halfway…), it was satisfying to be making forward progress. And Grandma came with me!

2016-10-18 14.06.05.jpg
Grandma, Me, and Patrick Swayze, my IV dance partner

It’s definitely getting harder each round. The middle drug (Cytoxan) always makes me feel crummy while it’s being infused, and today seemed worse than usual. And now,

Spicy AND salty!!

an hour after getting home, I’m hungry but nothing sounds good. We went to Liberty Public Market the other day and brought home some organic bone broth, so I’m trying that seasoned with habanero sea salt, which is tasty and hits the spot, but is not exactly filling.

But mentally it does feel like I’ve crossed a milestone, over the hump, on my way to being done… And vaguely looking forward to some epic naps over the next couple of days!

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