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Round Four Excitement

Round four is following the same pattern as expected, each day feeling worse with the low point on day 4 (today). It’s definitely hitting a bit harder this time, which was expected. Today’s hydration appointment definitely helped and I feel much better tonight, so I think I’m over the hump. It’s been nice having my mommy here to take care of me. Also, some good news – my latest breast expansion seems to have filled out the expander enough that it is no longer irritating! It’s got me lopsided again, but I don’t think it’s noticeable when I’m fully clothed.

The main issue I have these few days after the chemo infusion is pure boredom. Sleeping is great, but I can’t sleep all the time. I am not a TV person and pretty much hate watching TV during the day. So I read a lot, which is great, but then even that gets boring, and I lie in bed thinking of things I could be doing but not having the energy to do. It’s very frustrating for a Type A control freak like me! Trying to meditate a little and go with the flow as much as possible.

Tonight, however, was anything but boring. Shortly after I was actually feeling better and having the energy to putter around the house, the kids arrived home from school. They went outside to play, and all of a sudden there was a blood-curdling scream: Lane managed to break four teeth in a freak pogo stick accident! Of course they are adult teeth. The two front ones are broken badly, and the two side ones are just chipped – like an arc. Three hours later, we came home with a new set of temporary bonded teeth for him that he’ll get to live with until he is an adult, at which point he can decide what to do (veneers, porcelain, etc.). To be clear, everything is fine; no nerve damage or head injury or stitches needed or anything. We’re all home now, safe and sound, scouring the pantry for soft food… And the pogo stick is in the trash.

Blurry photo and dirty face, but from here I can’t tell he got new teeth today!

2 thoughts on “Round Four Excitement

  1. Lane is a trouper. We all agree he’s his father’s son. In this case however, he takes after his Mom.
    You don’t look lopsided. You are beautiful!!


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