The Bald And The Beautiful

Slouchy Hat

When I went on my hat shopping spree, I fell in love with a slouchy knit hat on Etsy. It is a normal hat, not a cancer-head hat. When I tried it on (pre-bald) it looked fine; without hair it looks a bit like … well, like it needs hair coming out from under it. I still liked it, but so far have not been able to wear it, because, well, San Diego in early fall is not exactly compatible with knit hats.

This morning we headed up to Mount Laguna to go orienteering. When I checked the weather, it was predicted to be under 60 degrees in the morning – finally, I could try out my slouchy hat! Well, it ended up being over 70 in the sun, and although I was not moving fast, I was not exactly sitting still either. I stuck to the shady areas as much as possible and made it through ok, and of course I looked cool too, if maybe a bit more of a Rasta pot-head look than I was going for.

Paige’s new pet moss.

The orienteering itself was a nice distraction. Mount Laguna was beautiful and golden with autumn leaves, which we don’t see so much closer to home. Lane has been going on the course on his own lately and is doing fine – gets lost once in a while, but not too badly. I still go with Paige and do most of the navigating. She’s actually pretty competent and is close to being able to go out on her own, but let’s just say her priorities are different. While Lane, not surprisingly, treats it like a competition, Paige is more interested in climbing every rock and fallen tree we pass, and catching every grasshopper and butterfly that flitters by. Either way is fine; getting outside and enjoying nature is what’s most important!


Hat: MinnaMatildaDesigns | Sunglasses: Tifosi | Shirt: Road Runner Sports R-Gear | Pants: REI | Gators: Dirty Girl | Trail Runners: New Balance Cascadia | Hydration Belt: Camelbak

2 thoughts on “Slouchy Hat

  1. The slouchy hat looks great, but I can see where it might be a bit too warm and uncomfortable. The orienteering sounded like lots of fun.
    Good luck tomorrow.


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