More Kick Ass Bald Women

This random, unplanned early morning post is brought to you by the lovely cocktail of DST ending + starting the steroid pre-med yesterday + the chronic early morning insomnia I’d most likely be having anyway even without those other two things… You’re welcome.

Last night we watched SNL (love that I can do that on an early Sunday evening instead of actually staying awake on a Saturday night) and Kate McKinnon appeared as a bald Tilda Swinson during Benedict Cumberbatch’s awesome opening monologue. She looked pretty awesome, and for a split second it made me think I should shave off the stubble. Then I remembered that (a.) I’m not in a movie; (b.) Kate, and possibly Tilda, wore a bald skull cap; and (c.) I don’t give enough shits:

Out of curiosity (and since I do not watch commercials on TV so I miss a lot of this stuff), I checked out the trailer for the movie, Doctor Strange, that the skit was referencing. I’m not much for superhero movies and probably won’t watch this one anytime soon, but Swinson’s character certainly looks kick-ass:

I love all these kick-ass bald women that are out there. I was originally going to dress up as Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) from Alien 3 for Halloween. I figured hiking pants & boots, plus a drab-colored tank top rolled in dirt would be all I’d need for a costume. I experimented with using black temporary hair spray on my stubble, and that worked great. And we got Tad an Alien mask. I’d also considered dressing up as Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) in Fury Road, but that would have required more make-up and accessories. In the end I did not do either – I was too tired that night, and honestly we didn’t really have the right dress-up venue for it. Maybe I should do it at some point anyway just for the camera, since as kick-ass as it may be, I’m hoping never to be bald again…

3 thoughts on “More Kick Ass Bald Women

  1. She wasn’t i don’t remember totally bald (short mohawk and at times close to sheered?) but she was i think the first to do that. I remember it impacting me anyway, as uber modern and kickass.

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