The Bald And The Beautiful

Black Beret

I have had a bit of trouble finding outfits to go with my French-ish black beret, other than this one. I thought this ensemble worked pretty well, with a blue top and black culottes. I do commit fashion blog sacrilege here by not bothering with “real” shoes – after all, this is San Diego.

I also have a much more ostentatious emerald green beret – I’m still working on an outfit for that one.

Hat: Headcovers Unlimited | Sunglasses & Earrings: BP. Nordstrom | ScarfZakka Republic | Top: Fresh Produce | Culottes: Motherhood Maternity (very stretchy, so I kept them!) | Flip Flops: Reef | Bracelet: A lovely gift from KEEP Collective | Watch: iWatch Series 1 with pink & blue Woven Nylon band

4 thoughts on “Black Beret

  1. Gorgeous!! I’m impressed that you know where all those items were created. I know you’re not feeling great, but you look great.


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