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Executive Summary

Quick housekeeping update: I’ve noticed that my Perk-o-Meter page had gotten pretty long, so I’ve added an Executive Summary. Now when I find someone I have not told about my fun new hobby, they can get the quick & dirty without slogging through the whole page. You’re welcome.

Here’s the ES as of today, but I’ll keep it updated as things change as I have been doing with that page in general:

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – I often get similar questions from folks whom I’ve recently told about my exciting news, and I know this page is kind of TL;DR, so here is a very brief status:

  • I have stage 2 breast cancer, which means it’s curable. I’ll be fine. I have to go through hell to get to “fine,” but fine it will be.
  • Mastectomy was done on June 20, 2016, right breast only. No, I don’t have the genetic mutation, and I plan to keep lefty intact.
  • I had one positive, bitchy little lymph node, so I’m doing the fun-fest known as chemotherapy. I’ve had five rounds of it so far, with one round left, on November 29.
  • I am not neutropenic (i.e., not highly prone to infection) because of a white blood cell-boosting drug I’m taking; so yes I can eat produce, and I love it when people visit me and bring me food, as long as it’s spicy and salty. Which means my family probably won’t eat what you’re bringing me because they are wimps (more for me!). 
  • Yes I am still working. Chemo is a three-week cycle, so: one week off, one week WFH, and one week in the office. See you there!
  • Radiation will start at Christmastime and run for seven weeks.
  • Reconstructive surgery will be done approximately six months after radiation. My blog is called “Project Perky” because I’m gonna get a perky rack out of this when all this shit is over!
  • Since you probably asked what you can do for me, read this post and keep it real.

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