Trying Again with the Night Glove

I’ve been wearing this sleeve + gauntlet for a few months now, and I still really hate it. Well, the sleeve is fine, it’s the gauntlet I don’t like, since it does not fit that well – my fingers are too long. The therapist had said that I could either wear the sleeve/gauntlet daily, or instead, wear a different garment – a night glove – at night. I have tried it a couple of times, but I’m a bit of an insomniac to start with, and wearing a constrictive glove while trying to sleep doesn’t really help.

2017-04-09 13.00.34
Night Glove

But clearly this gauntlet isn’t working. I Googled around for other brands, and thought about calling the medical supply store to experiment with other options, but these gauntlets are seriously expensive. Given that this is a lifelong condition, I assume I’ll eventually get a custom glove, which would be even more expensive. But I don’t think I want to do that yet – I’m still waiting on getting a pump, and I may do that surgery, both of which could change what I’ll need.

So I decided, before outlaying more cash on more garment experiments, I should give the night glove another try, since I own it already. This glove is not worn alone – you have to wrap it with an Ace bandage to achieve the compression. It’s actually not that much of a pain and in fact I think I’ve got it so that I can squeeze it on & off without unwrapping it at this point.

I’ve tried it for the last few nights and the same thing always happens. My insomnia is the kind where I fall asleep quickly, but then I wake up later in the night or early morning. When I wear the glove, the same thing happens … and I simply take the glove off while I’m half awake! So I keep waking up in the morning to the glove tossed on the floor!

But it does seem to work reasonably well. My hand/wrist has swollen up quite a bit since my therapy ended, but not any worse with just the night glove. I’ll keep trying and maybe my unconscious self will get used to it.

2 thoughts on “Trying Again with the Night Glove

  1. I wear a CPAP mask at night. It took months to get used to it but now, 10 months later, it’s just there. Karl


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