Lymphedema Therapist #3

Today I had an appointment with my third lymphedema therapist. She is a massage therapist who is trained in lymphatic drainage massage. She actually works at the hospital, for some reason in the cardiovascular wing. She is insanely inexpensive for a massage therapist, so that’s nice, since this is not covered by insurance. She spent plenty of time with me and seemed to know what she was talking about. I’m still not sure the drainage massage alone does much, but I probably should not judge that until I’ve been going regularly. I may end up seeing her weekly.

Ironically, as I was pulling in to the hospital driveway, I got a phone call from my original therapist. The compression pump that she’d prescribed for me back in January finally got approved by my health insurance and has arrived at her office. I will be making an appointment to see her soon so she can teach me how to use it.

2 thoughts on “Lymphedema Therapist #3

  1. I agree: give both a chance. As I am sure you have found out in your research, I was interested to learn that lymphatic drainage massage was first developed in Germany. I’m sure your swollen arm (if that’s what this is all about) has to be at the very least, irritating.
    Love, Dad


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