Team Teddy, Fundraising, and Pinkwashing

Since I’m between projects at work, and am spending a lot of time at home, I’ve been using my free time (when I’m not napping) to go through boxes of memorabilia from years past. One of the many boxes sitting on a shelf in my cluttered memory-filled closet was from our Team Teddy endeavors. Back… Continue reading Team Teddy, Fundraising, and Pinkwashing

Chemofuckingtherapy · Distractions

In Honor of Election Day, and Chemo #5 (#nsfw, #mypoliticalopinion)

YES! The snark is back! It’s the word of the day, and the word of the campaign!! Leave it to guess-who to help keep it real for my chemo funday, sending me the best-timed cancer card yet. Thank you!! Love you!! Now everyone, go vote FOR HER! I voted two weeks ago and am now getting chemo infusion… Continue reading In Honor of Election Day, and Chemo #5 (#nsfw, #mypoliticalopinion)